NMR spectroscopy continues to be a vibrant field with continuous developments and applications to several branches of Science. The enormous growth of the field as of today in chemical and biological applications has rendered it as an indispensable analytical tool. Biomolecular Structure Determination in solution and solid state, Metabolomics, MRI and its applications are some of the emerging areas.

In order to highlight these developments and to lay stress on the potential of NMR, a four day symposium is being organised as a part of the biennial 7th Asia Pacific NMR Symposium combined with the 23rd Annual meeting of the National Magnetic Resonance Society (NMRS) of India during February 16-19, 2017 at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The organising committee takes pleasure in inviting all those carrying out research in NMR and interested in the applications of NMR to different facets of science. The symposium would consist of a series of lectures by experts invited from several countries and contributed talks/posters.
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